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                Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021
                August 5 - 7, 2021   Shanghai New International Expo Centre




                • Shanghai International Personal Care Expo (PCE Personal Care Expo), as the development vane of personal care products industry, is one of the comprehensive personal care products industry events in China. The total exhibition area of the last exhibition reached 16,000 square meters, attracting 18,650 visitors from 506 exhibitors and 48 countries and regions.

                • Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021 (PCE Personal Care Expo), sponsored by China Health Care Association, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC) from August 5 to 7, 2021. At the same time, we held several professional forum activities to show the latest technology and development trend of personal care industry and build an efficient, high-quality and accurate all-round one-stop professional business platform for personal care industry brands and global quality buyers. PCE2021 invites you to participate in personal care industry upgrading and share global health resources.

                 Last Exhibition Data Review

                • The exhibition area reached 16000 square meters;
                • Attract 506 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, covering 60 categories of products; Association's exhibition groups share innovative resources;
                • The most professional personal care supply chain platform;
                • Invited professional buyers and visitors from countries and regions, a total of 18,650 visits;
                • 20 professional forum activities were held at the same time.

                 The Exhibition Highlights

                • Professional personal care products industry trade fair;
                • It covers all subcategories of daily chemical products, professional personal care products and the whole industry chain of upstream and downstream supply;
                • Exhibition groups and buyers gather here, international platform leads the trend;
                • Professional promotion plan and media cooperation, organizing omni-channel VIP buyers;
                • New theme exhibition area and many professional BBS activities explore the industry development trend;

                 The Category of Exhibitors

                • Head care: hair care, facial care, eye care, nose care, oral care, ear care supplies, etc.
                • Body care: skin care, hand and foot care,massageproducts,plaster, physiotherapy products,etc.
                • Toiletries: household cleaning and care products, fabrics cleaning and care products, personal cleaning and care products.
                • Sanitary products: toilet paper/towel, wipes,diaper,panty liner,private care products, sterilizing/antibacterial products,etc.
                • Personal care appliances:male/femalepersonal care appliances,healthcare appliances, maternal and infant care appliances, etc.
                • Others:OEM/ODM, Personal care products franchise manufacturersand other related products.

                 The Category of Visitors

                • Personal care wholesalers, agents, distributors and retailers from all over the country;
                • Purchasing decision makers of 100,000 exclusive stores, chain stores, beauty/hair/nail salon, plastic surgery/medical beauty institutions, maternity and infant supplies stores and drugstores;
                • Large supermarkets, department stores procurement decision makers, hotel procurement;
                • Personal care products importers, micro/e-commerce, nursing training institutions and R&D personnel;
                • Personal care products manufacturers, R&D personnel and brand owners and procurement personnel;
                • Buyers and agents of relevant packaging materials, production machinery and raw materials;
                • Individual protection industry association, industry media, mass media and we media, etc.