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                Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021
                August 5 - 7, 2021   Shanghai New International Expo Centre

                【The outbreak is eliminated, the friendship is long】PCE exhibition millions of power sterilization enterprises to assist the city of Wuhan to fight against COVID-19.

                PCE exhibition millions of power sterilization enterprises to assist the city of Wuhan to fight against COVID-19.


                COVID - 19 wreaking havoc in China,

                Wuhan emergency situation, global alert sounded.

                At the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush in 2020, the virus quietly invaded the city of Wuhan. Around January 10, there was a surge of "suspected cases" of pneumonia in Wuhan's hospitals. On January 11, the first death from pneumonia was reported, followed by news and short videos. On January 12, the world health organization named the virus "the new coronavirus of 2019."

                COVID - 19 has appeared in 82 countries and regions, presenting a community-type outbreak. COVID - 19 is the common enemy of all mankind. The whole world is contributing to the fight against the epidemic.



                As the director-general of the world health organization said, politicization won't really help us, this virus will attack anyone. This is the entire human race fighting against an unknown virus. We can only wish the spring come soon, the epidemic can be as soon as possible in the past, let us take off the mask to breathe deeply.


                The industry big love & The whole people joined the fight against the epidemic

                During COVID - 19,


                 the busy community people who are fighting in the front line.

                They disinfect the community corridor, public places, public trash cans and other parts

                To combat the outbreak of new crown pneumonia

                They walked from street to street

                For the enterprise to return to work and production running around inspection

                They are a group of ordinary people

                Ordinary people in the community

                They are also silently dedicated, no regrets

                A patron saint who strives for epidemic safety


                The "white soldier" in the COVID - 19

                Jiang Jinbo, the doctor of center for disease control and prevention of Dayu county, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province

                Liang Wudong, the doctor of Hubei integrated traditional and western medicine hospital otolaryngology

                Mao Xianghong, the vice president of central health center of Xianyang town, Pucheng county, Nanping city, Fujian province

                Jiang Jijun, the doctor of department of infection of Taizhou people's hospital, Jiangsu province

                Li Wenliang, the doctor of Wuhan central hospital

                Song Yingjie, the deputy leader of Hengshan county east lake town horse trace health center pharmaceutical team


                Protective clothing is expensive and currently in short supply. They can not to eat, drink or go to the toilet for four to eight hours at a time when they wear protective clothing and enter the quarantine zone. Otherwise they will waste a protective suit.

                Medical supplies such as surgical masks, protective clothing and disinfectant are important guarantees for medical staff to work in the front line. In the face of the severe situation of the COVID-19, these medical supplies have become the most scarce products for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan and even in the world.


                Various enterprises have helped to support Wuhan

                Yunnan baiyao donated 400,000 masks, 1,000 pieces of medical protective clothing and 1,000 pieces of medical goggles to the first line of prevention and control.

                Colgate-Palmolive (Palmolive) China Co., Ltd. donated 1 million rmb to the Red Cross Foundation of China;

                Horai Chemical (zhongshan) Co., Ltd. donated 1 million rmb to the Red Cross Foundation of China;

                Nais group donated 20 million rmb to China charity federation;

                Procter & Gamble (China) donated 1 million rmb to Wuhan charity federation for epidemic prevention and control;

                La fang Jiahua Co., Ltd. donated 1.5 million rmb of materials to the staff and medical staff in the line of fighting the epidemic;

                Unilever donated 1,182 cases of antibacterial hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and shower gel. Anti-bacteria anti-mite washing liquid, clothing anti-bacteria liquid and other products 59 boxes; 155 air purifiers; 2000 sterilizing sprays; The total value of donated materials has exceeded 2.2 million rmb;

                Jichuan pharmaceutical group donated more than 12 million rmb of anti-virus drugs and oral protection materials to the Red Cross society of Wuhan.

                LG donated 3 million yuan to wuhan through the Red Cross society of China.

                The chairman of Jiangsu Hengchuang daily chemical Co. Ltd. donated 52,000 pieces of washing and care products including comb, soap, dental equipment, hair shampoo, bath and bath cap.



                "Supplies are donated, just use them. The doctor is borrowed, and when he comes back, he must have none less."


                The epidemic is not over, but the love will live on

                PCE million to help

                At the moment of the epidemic, it shows the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people and the great love of support from all sides. Many enterprises of disinfection and sterilization supplies donated money and materials to help Wuhan tide over the crisis.

                Batch of disinfection and sterilization protection materials aid is the key to the decisive victory of the battle, but also the medical staff, the epidemic area people's comfort.

                This outbreak once again let the general public realize the importance of daily disinfection and sterilization. As a platform for communication in the personal care products industry, PCE has always been adhering to the concept of "sharing the comprehensive health", aiming to create a model of personal care industry and lead the broad goal of national health!

                As a member of the development of the personal health industry, we hope to contribute to the anti-epidemic work and help the disinfection and sterilization supplies industry!


                Big News

                If you are a sterilization enterprise, then look over.

                To the companies that have helped with the new epidemic, your welfare is here!

                After the study and decision of the organizer, the exhibition will set up 1000 square meters of exhibition area as "anti-epidemic love zone", it will be free feedback to participate in the epidemic donated disinfection and sterilization supplies enterprises.

                The donation benefit criteria are as follows

                Donation amountinclude materials

                Benefits available

                200,000 rmb and above

                One standard booth which is worth 12,000 rmb

                1 million rmb and above

                36 raw space which is worth 43,200


                Enterprises that meet the above requirements should provide the following information:


                The business license

                Sanitary license for production of disinfection products

                The beneficiaries certificate

                Donation certificate of honor


                Booth application form and other relevant materials shall be sent to the following email for review:


                Final deadline for registration: April 15, 2020

                The booth will be arranged according to the order of registration and the order of materials approval.

                The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.

                If you have the above conditions, please contact us

                Contact person: Michelle Gao

                Mobile phone number: +86-15214399166 (same number as WeChat)