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                Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021
                August 5 - 7, 2021   Shanghai New International Expo Centre

                PCE works with you to see the future and decode the 2030 global trends in personal care industry

                PCE works with you to see the future and decode the 2030 global trends in personal care industry


                In the next decade, two distinct forces of change will upend the consumer landscape and create ripples in industries across the globe.

                PCE 2020 thinks that as the fourth industrial revolution goes mainstream, the relationship between brands and consumers will change even more dramatically. At the same time, consumer behavior will become increasingly polarized, drifting between information-driven and emotion-driven segments.


                Nature and science

                "Over the next 10 years, consumers will explore the battle between nature and science. Developments in software, hardware, applications and augmented reality will herald the fourth industrial revolution, dramatically changing the way consumers choose, buy and interact with personal care products.

                As lab-generated products continue to enter the market, consumer acceptance of biotechnology will grow. At the same time, distrust of the 'clean/pure' and 'green/green' labels will lead consumers to scrutinize ingredient lists and question product efficacy. We will see biometrics provide companies with novel ways to interact more personally with consumers through valuable customised solutions. But success will only be for brands that are fully open and transparent and avoid misunderstanding."



                "We predict that in the next decade there will be even greater polarization, with consumers fluctuating in ranges of behaviour driven by a combination of information and emotion, connection and disconnection. Remote-controlled services are expected to give people access to places that are not geographically connected, and rural businesses are expected to open up markets that were once out of reach, with more and more consumers' going offline 'in an effort to find real-world connections.

                At the same time, consumers will lose their ability to understand each other at the interpersonal level, and information overload will call into question authenticity. Each purchase will be well thought out as consumers opt for a more minimalist approach, invest in quality, high-performance products, and reuse and upgrade remanufactured products as much as possible. We will see consumers break the grip of the social media gurus and responsibility return to the brand."It will be the norm for brands to offer their customers not just a product but a way of life and to connect them to the people, places and things that inspire them."Personal care exhibits witness the future with you.