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                Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021
                August 5 - 7, 2021   Shanghai New International Expo Centre

                Visit time

                You can get a free professional visit pass to visit the exhibition in any of the following ways

                1、The organizer will make a professional visit pass once you fill in the application form online, then you can get it at the designated place on the site and direct entry.

                2、Free get the invitation through call 021-64516467, and take the invitation (complete with details) and your business card to exchange the professional visit pass at the site.

                3、Bring your business card and fill in the visitor registration form at site, then get the professional visitor pass.

                If you are an exhibitor , you do not need go through any of above steps, we will mail you the visitor invitations so that you can invite your customers.



                Opening hours

                Aug 5, 2021   09:30-17:00

                Aug 6, 2021   09:00-17:00

                Aug 7, 2021   09:00-13:30




                The audience control of PCE is very strict, non-professionals are not allowed in, and young people under the age of 18 and children are not allowed to visit.