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                Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2021
                August 5 - 7, 2021   Shanghai New International Expo Centre



                  Visit Purpose and Satisfaction

                  95.6% of the audience were satisfied with PCE.

                  87.3% of the audience would recommend friends/colleagues to visit PCE.

                  97.1% of the audience said they would attend PCE Shanghai again.



                  Exhibits Scope

                  Head care: hair care, facial care, eye care, nose care, oral care, ear care supplies, etc.

                  Body care: skin care, hand and foot care, massage products, plaster, physiotherapy products, etc.

                  Toiletries: household cleaning and care products, fabrics cleaning and care products, personal cleaning and care products.

                  Sanitary products: toilet paper/towel, wipes, diaper, panty liner, private care products, sterilizing/antibacterial products, etc.

                  Personal care appliances: male/female personal care appliances, health care appliances, maternal and infant care appliances, etc.

                  Others: OEM/ODM, Personal care products franchise manufacturers and other related products.



                  The Category of Visitors

                  Invite the decision-makers, mangers and purchaser from upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises in the household and personal care industry to visit.

                  Invite the agents, franchisees, wholesalers and retailers in the household and personal care industry to visit.

                  Invite investors, suppliers and professional managers of detergent industry to visit.

                  Invite all large supermarkets, shopping malls, daily chemical stores, cosmeceuticals stores and online retailers to visit

                  Invite the e-commerce/wechat business team to visit.